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The Miltown Kings Troupe Members

who we are

The Miltown Kings are committed to providing a platform for quality interactive performance by creating a safe space for both performers and audiences which empowers self-expression and encourages the challenging of social and gender norms, thus fostering the diversity of an all-inclusive and ever evolving community.

Our fall 2014-spring 2015 season is underway. Below are the dates and themes of our home shows at the Miramar Theater (2844 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee).

Sept 20th- Miltown Kings' Thighs Wide Open
Nov. 22nd- Miltown Kings' Excellent Adventure
Jan. 10th- Horror B Rate 1/2 N 1/2 show (this show will be half Miltown and Half community guest - look for an opportunity to guest being announced in Dec. on our Facebook page)
Feb. 21st- The King Who Loved Me
April 18th- Gamer themed show
May 9th- Murder Mystery show
Group Act
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